About Us

MYTRIPPIN is an innovative deals platform, powered by Alpome Pte Ltd, that eliminates commission costs and gives service providers the opportunity to pass on the savings to potential customers. Moreover, MYTRIPPIN provides a unique platform that enables service providers and their potential customers to communicate with each other in real time during the booking process.

How does MYTRIPPIN work?

The platform serves as a medium that gives the user all the benefits of contacting a service provider directly, without having to spend the time and effort in doing so.

Instead of traditional booking websites, which ask users to input their dates and destinations in order to generate a database of fixed-rates, MYTRIPPIN has changed the rules and asks the service providers to make their offers directly to potential customers. As a result, MYTRIPPIN users receive totally personalized deals that match their demands.

The booking process works in three easy steps:

1.The customer picks the types of service, location, dates, number of visitors and bid price. This information is sent to the service providers that match their criteria.

2.The service providers that receive the request have 24 hours to make an offer for the guest.

3.During this period, the potential customer will receive notifications by email and can go to mytrippin.com to compare them and choose the deal they like the most.


Why is MYTRIPPIN unique?

MYTRIPPIN is not just another booking website. This is why:

  • MYTRIPPIN has turned the current booking system on its head by inviting service providers to make offers for the customers. Users don’t have to spend hours looking for a service in many different websites. They just sit down and wait for the service providers to contact them with their best offers.
  • MYTRIPPIN enables service providers and their potential customers to communicate with each other via a messaging system. The booking process is entirely personalized for users to receive only offers that match their requirements.
  • MYTRIPPIN has eliminated the middlemanService providers don’t have to pay any commissions to SkiesDeals and as a result users are able to finally get a fair deal. It’s a win-win situation for both.